Reviews (Excerpts)

"The premiere of Wilfried Hiller's dance drama 'Schulamit' has just been celebrated at the Hildesheim City Theater as a lively and total work of art which combines all the disciplines and plays with various levels, the trinity of word, music, and movement, of speakers, singers, and dancers, of mind, soul, and body.  Hildesheim's ballet director Ralf Jaroschinski related these levels with one another in clear imagery and cleverly arranged the numerous participants [...] and especially convincingly sensualized the emotional contents by making the dancers use a diverse kinetic language."
Andreas Berger, Braunschweiger Zeitung, 2000

"It was like a rush, one big unity of image, sound, and movement.  One would have loved to hold on to it for a little longer and to dreamily get lost in it.  Moving, poignant, and way too short, an excited audience experienced the premiere of Wilfried Hiller's ' Schulamit".  Its staging by ballet director Ralf Jaroschinski being the Hildesheim City Theater's contribution to the Expo can confidently be denominated the highlight of the theater's present season."
Simone Hartau, Leine-Deister-Zeitung, 2000

Ivan Liška's "Terpsichore-Gala I" presented Ralf Jaroschinski whose "Intuition Blast" "hit the jackpot again."
Eva-Elisabeth Fischer, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2000

"'Intuition Blast' by Ralf Jaroschinski caused much joy and fresh applause - such creative is rare to find.  Two computer company executive-types, clad in slacks, shirt and tie by way of Norbert Graf and Amilcar Moret Gonzalez, interpreted Tchaikovsky's 'Little Swans' and the waltz from 'Swan Lake Act I' in a very entertaining way.  In fact, the piece won the 12th Hannover choreographic competition in 1998, and if Jaroschinski's other works show the same innovation, this man is indeed a genius."
Alison Kent, Dance Europe, 1999/ 2000

"Beastly good and entertaining - [...] the choreographies were resourceful, the artistic tension between music (well-known pieces from Beethoven to Zarah Leander) and dance highly noteworthy, and the technical bravura put it all onto a solid foundation. [...] Every scene had a different emphasis, was highlighted differently; time and time again there were new surprising ideas (like rock dance to Boccherini's 'Menuet') which made the evening spin away. [...] Hopefully we'll meet again soon."
Wolfgang Krems, Mindener Tagblatt, 1998

"Noteworthy [...:] The 31-year-old choreographer dissolves his two duets' dreamnambulant dance spectacle situated between life and death into solos, duets and trios.  Consequentially, he calls his choreography 'Auflösen' ['To Dissolve'].  It suspensefully oscillates between static and dynamic moments [...] and contains captivating aspects in the choreographic condensation of the deemed principle: 'dissolving'."
Klaus Witzeling, Ballett international/ Tanz aktuell, 1998

"Ralf Jaroschinski demonstrated that contemporary dance to classical music does not have to be all dried out [...]  He plays with contrasts and exaggerations, constantly surprises his audience with the unexpected.  And, another time he did not get away without giving an encore."
Gabriela Uhde, Stuttgarter Zeitung, 1998

"Ralf Jaroschinski [is] Hannover's dance and choreography star."
Johanna Di Blasi, Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 1998

"To show humour on the dance stage files among the difficult assignments in choreographic art.  With his most recent program 'Soirée russe' ['Russian Night'...] Ralf Jaroschinski has provided a master-piece of this genre:  comical dance theater full of musicality."
Patricia Stöckemann, Tanzdrama, 1998

"Amusing and high standard [... -] one wants [...] to see more!"
Katja Schneider, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 1997

"The magic of sensuality - he is a shooting star among the young, contemporary choreographers:  Ralf Jaroschinski received several awards in Germany."
Anna Hilpert, Schädelspalter, 1997

"A light, serene work with which Jaroschinski mastered the complicated assignment, showing something really funny without any losses concerning artistic ambition and contents."
Simone David, Ballett international/ Tanz aktuell, 1995